Down Syndrome · Personality

Watch “Hawk Nelson – Live Like You’re Loved (Official Lyric Video)” on YouTube

How many of us truly know how to live like we’re Loved? 

Who can we look to in today’s world, which seemingly is so riddled with hate, violence, and bitterness, to see what Love, unconditional consideration for the well-being of others and unadulterated worship of our Creator, is and that Love is our purpose and His Will for us all?

Certainly Christ-followers know to look to the example of Jesus. Yet, for others, where is that image portrayed best? Who among us is a window to how God wants us to be? Why, of course, it exists, in my best estimation, in people with Down Syndrome!

Now, don’t misunderstand, people with Down Syndrome are not perfect; they are human with human qualities of behavior that can, at times, be testy, stubborn, and slightly rebellious. However, I believe many who are Blessed to know someone who has Down Syndrome will agree that this world would be a far more pleasant and better world if only everyone had Down Syndrome – because, most, in fact all, of the people I know who have DS truly know how to live like they’re Loved and let others know how to do the same! 

So, go ahead and act like you’ve been set free – live like you are Loved – life here is by far more magnified in His Glory when you do!!!

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