Down Syndrome · Perspective

Blessed . . . by Holland

Emily Perl Kingsley wrote the poem, “Welcome to Holland,” pictured here and for those of us unprepared for the arrival of a baby born with Down Syndrome, it offers a poignant way to claim perspective.

Holland offers Blessings missed in the other tourist-y attractions around the world. Not that I’ve actually traveled outside of North America, mind you – I’ve not. However, I’ve landed in a world of Holland where a smile is as genuine today as it was the first time I saw my son smile. I’ve experienced the warmth of a hug as compassionate as it was the first time I received a hug from my oldest child. I’ve heard exclamations of excitement over the simplest things today just as I did the first time almost thirty years ago.

So, you see, the tulips’ smiles are beautiful here in my Holland every year, all year. Windmills are phenomenal to experience every day without fall. And, the simple beauty of Holland’s countryside remains as remarkable now as it was when I first arrived. In fact, I know, as I knew at the gate, I’m Blessed by Holland, such as I never would have known Blessings anywhere else.

Thank God for small, extra 21st, favors!!! Life is so much richer for the journey!-!

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