Down Syndrome · Perspective


We are all different. No one person is exactly like the other. The same holds true of persons with Down Syndrome. So, why can we not accept what makes each of us wonderfully made? Why bully, intimidate, ostracize, or condemn the beautifully uniquely valuable people we all are simply because we are different?

Is it fear? A lack of understanding? Or a determination to force one’s own insecurities into a frame of false superiority that drives conformity to a subjective basis of “normal”? There is no person living or who had lived or who will live that is “perfectly normal” so, how can we say to someone with disabilities they are less than anyone else? 

In fact, within all of God’s Creation there are variations which is part of the wonder and beauty of the natural world. And, as He sets the moral standards to equalize our conduct, He accepts us for all that He made us to be so much so that He sent His Son to bring what we soiled in disobedience to a state of cleanliness, washed of our sin by the Blood of Christ through our acceptance of His Sacrifice as our Savior! Acceptance is that important!!

So, can we not find our way to accept each other’s unique talents as individuals Created with variety? For that is all any of us want . . .is to be accepted as people of value. And, God wants us to accept Him as the Most Valuable with all our hearts, minds, and souls while accepting each other as we accept ourselves. 

Therefore, dare to be different!! Dare to be yourself!! Dare to love that which is extra in us all!!! T21❤ teaches us how!!!

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