Down Syndrome · Learning · Perspective


We all find ourselves frustrated at times. We all struggle. We all feel exasperation on occasions when something simply doesn’t go the way we thought it should. That is part of the experience we endure being human. 

Overcoming frustration can be challenging. To begin to climb the mountain, or mole hills, of frustration, I’ve learned from my sons. Each finds a way to preserve; each are tenacious – not sure where they got such a trait . . . 

My youngest son, sat one day, must of the day, with His brother. He, my youngest, was working with my oldest, teaching him how to pronounce my youngest’s name correctly. Both boys were young – my youngest being seven years younger – and my youngest possessed patience and fortitude to overcome his frustration at hearing his name prounced incorrectly by his brother.

There was no condensation.

My oldest, sat and continued, throughout the day, restating my youngest’s name in the way it would come out easily. He would not relent in his efforts to mimic his brother’s expressions.

Then, a break through. My oldest said my youngest’s name the way it is meant to be pronounced. 

There was much praise shared between them and praise for them . . . only to be concluded with my oldest telling his brother he loved him using his name in his comfortable pronunciation and my youngest, not missing a beat, telling his brother that he loved him, too!

Praise, perseverance, and love . . . that is what moves us beyond frustration!

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