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It is impossible to always be happy. The myth is often shared that people with Down Syndrome are always happy. In twenty-eight years I can say that simply is not true. My sweet boy can become unhappy, disgruntled, frustrated, irritated, worried, sad, and so on just like any one else. 

Yet, the difference between him and others I know who have Down Syndrome is, they that do not hold on so tightly to the negative, they do not hold grudges, and they offer no misgivings to others who, whether by intent or not, slight them in some way.

Too often we, people in general, want to hold our transgressors accountable for their wrongs against us. They owe us something for slights big or little. However, we, again in general, do not want to be accounted our wrong doings and begrudge others when we are expected to pay our own debts.

With that awareness in mind, look more closely at someone with Down Syndrome and you’ll see what is meant to be discovered in their pleasant demeanors. Look . . . see the beauty? People with Down Syndrome wholeheartedly and unashamedly live with Joy, spiritual Joy! And, from that Joy in their hearts, Forgiveness flows as a calm water, moving ever forward, and dare I say, far easier, with a wisdom, most of us can only learn if we are truly seeing the person God made and not someone with a perceived cognitive limitation.

So, think about the Strength instilled in someone with Down Sydrome the next time you wonder, “Are they always so happy?” No, they are Strong in the Joy of the Lord, to Forgive others, to be Forgiven, and to surrender false pretenses such that only the Wise among us can demonstrate. . . . just one of the many phenomenal lessons I’ve witnessed raising Up From Downs! 

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