Down Syndrome · Parents · Perspective


There were no certainties, no guarantees, and no absolutes anyone could offer. Even today, no one person can say for certain what the future holds for us on this earth.

However, regardless of the questions left unanswered with positive outcomes, I chose to believe. Before my oldest was born, questions loomed. We didn’t know he had Downs; we only knew something wasn’t “right.” Hydrocephalus? Body proportions too small for gestational age? What could the future hold?

Through an ultra sound, I saw my unborn child hold his thumb up. I chose to believe. When he was born, they suspected Down Syndrome, heart defects, and a plethora of other medical complications. What might come of my son’s tomorrows?

Onward, I’ve heard so many doubts. So many wondering professionals declare the worst case scenarios. I chose to believe. And, then, watching my son’s Faith, pure in form, I came to Believe. We have a Promise of tomorrow. We have a Hope and a Future and I choose every day to Believe!!! May you all find that pureness of knowing to make the same choice!!! Just Believe!!!

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