Down Syndrome · Resources


Resources, supportive networks, and reference materials were and remain imperative to charting our course on the T21 journey. 

Everything from government agencies, schools, non-profit organizations, parenting, peer, and sibling networks, friends and family and friends who become family, to professional textbooks, journals, and blogs are essential to building an expertise on all that there is to see and experience in Holland.

As a matter of fact, as soon as my son was born and the implication was given, not yet confirmed, that my son might have Downs, I requested all of the books the hospital could provide about or that pertained to Down Syndrome. And, I began studying. I continued that course of reading everything on DS and disabilities until my son was in middle school. (I discontinued for a time for reasons which are for another time and blog).

Additionally, I discovered national coalitions, local therapy centers, and support programs. I talked with doctors, surgeons, and service providers, teachers, and support staff at schools, all of whom offered ideas, perspectives, and insights into life with Down Syndrome.

For these resources, networks, and references and all I’ve since learned from experience, because my son certainly did not follow “the instruction books”, “line out with the guides,” or “comply with the references” provided :-), I’m immeasurably grateful. Therefore, in the near future, I’ll be creating a page of helpful resources, networks, and references. Any recommendations in this regard are welcome and are gratefully appreciated!

Until next time, here’s to living Up From Downs!!!

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