Down Syndrome · Personality · Perspective

Blessed with Purity

Pure! Unadulterated, true, sincere, genuine, real, authentic, wholesome, natural, without false pretense or fabrication. Not necessarily perfect, simply beautiful in form. Hearts rendered pure are Blessed for  will see the Kingdom of God (Matthew 5:8).

I don’t know about other parents’ perspectives, I can only attest and witness to what I see, experience, and hear. Maybe life up from Downs looks different for others and maybe it looks the same. When I hear of the pure of heart, living testimony of what “pure of heart” looks like is present in the nature of my child. 

Certainly this young man has feet set upon the earth. However, his heart, belief in God, in Kindness, in Mercy, Grace, and Goodness, is pure. They follow him all the days if his life.

Yep, he’s ornery. He’s mischievous. He’s far from “perfect” and therein, that, authenticity, natural beauty, is what calls out the Light of the purity of his heart. Living Up From Downs is to be Blessed with the Gift of sincerity, the genuine surrender to be without a self-serving spiritual agenda. And, oh what a Blessing such living is to behold!!!

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