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Learning through Play

Teaching children with developmental delays can be challenging when we do not know what our options are. Early intervention is recognized today as essential to increased learning potential for children with special needs, from autism to Down Syndrome. Yet, when my son was little, options were limited. Thankfully, we were introduced to the onset of early intervention and, while participating in OT, PT, and Speech therapies, I was introduced to Discovery Toys.  They were a blessing for at-home learning experiences and remain prevalent in the field of early intervention products where kids can learn through play.

From their website, Discovery Toys (2017) cites that they are “committed to bringing fun, safe and developmentally appropriate toys and products to children and adults of all abilities and special needs.” I cannot attest to the quality of their products today. I have not purchased or used a Discovery Toys toy in almost twenty years. However, I can state that twenty-eight years ago Discovery Toys was committed to quality toys that were appropriate and useful for promoting learning and development for children with special needs. So, I am relatively certain that parents, caregivers, teachers, and other professionals working in the field of special needs learning and development who are searching for tools that are fun and encouraging will be equally as satisfied as I was years ago.

Discovery Toys recognizes that “children with developmental disabilities, like all children, develop at a unique rate and pattern of development” (Discovery Toys, 2017).  In fact, as a point of proof of their dedication to this claim, you can find their Special Needs Toy Guide from which toys specifically designed by methods of learning and by developmental limitations to promote specific skills are outlined for review. Moreover, there are consultants available to assist in finding just the right product or products for your child(ren).

So, while this is not an endorsement of a current customer, as a previous customer, this is my personal review and I hope that those who are searching for learning solutions find some great resources here and find the beauty of your own learning through play experiences!

(***Disclaimer:  I am not an independent consultant of Discovery Toys. This is not a paid promotion of Discovery Toys***).

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