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My Life is Worth Living

“Frank Stephens, a young man living with Down Syndrome, gives a powerful speech on his life experience and the importance of people living with Down Syndrome in science and research” (Reflect, YouTube, 2017).

For anyone who believes people with Down Syndrome are people with viable lives, lives worth living, listen to this gentleman’s proclamation.

For as much as I am a mother of a young man who has Down Syndrome, I cannot say what it is like to live as one who has Down Syndrome. I can only attest to the experiences of raising someone with Downs. Yet, this young man is the expert of living with Downs as is my son. We all agree, Frank, your life is worth living, my son’s life is worth living, and no pregnancy should be terminated, extinguished, or otherwise eliminated based upon an archaic prejudice that simply is uninformed, unaware, and seeking perfection in a world riddled with imperfections. For these lives are perfect in each and every one of their 47 chromosomes!!! Quality of life is what you make of it . . . Life is Worth Living Up from Downs!!!

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