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All it takes . . .

Ever have one of those days? One of those weeks? Months? Years? You simply do not know where you are going to get the strength to take one more step forward! The questions, answers, and everything else is so overwhelming, suffocating in fact, and there seems to be no end in sight . . .… Continue reading All it takes . . .

Acceptance · Down Syndrome · Parents · Personality · Perspective

My Life is Worth Living

"Frank Stephens, a young man living with Down Syndrome, gives a powerful speech on his life experience and the importance of people living with Down Syndrome in science and research" (Reflect, YouTube, 2017). For anyone who believes people with Down Syndrome are people with viable lives, lives worth living, listen to this gentleman's proclamation.… Continue reading My Life is Worth Living

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To Respond or To React . . .

. . . that is the question. A wise woman, a managerial mentor, once taught me the valuable lesson of response versus reaction. This was a lesson in personnel management and not in parenting. Yet, the lesson can be applied in all facets of life when interacting with adverse people. Let's say someone rudely stares… Continue reading To Respond or To React . . .

Acceptance · Down Syndrome · Learning · Parents · Personality · Perspective


Acceptance. A perception of being a part of something, as in taken in, wanted, and/or desired in company, belonging, or gathered with the whole. Simple and paradoxically complex. I've not talked with, observed, or heard of anyone who did not want to be accepted. Of course there are places, people, and things we want no… Continue reading Acceptance